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Luvendr is the pet project of multidisciplinary artists
Alexander Martinz and Marie Reichel.
They deconstruct classic principles of pop music,
referencing shoegaze and dream pop,
while enveloping in a comforting embrace.
At the heart of their sound lies a blend of
intimate bedroom sensibility and vocals that
oscillate between reverberation and an intimacy,
almost too close for comfort.
It's a journey guided by the nostalgia
of dictaphone recordings, an auditory time capsule
that evokes a hypnagogic sense of both
melancholic longing and intriguing familiarity.

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︎ Peter Vogler


it's gonna get better
but first it will hurt

music album
edition of 23 + 2 AP
25 minutes both sides
marbled purple cassette in clear case
with two color on-body prints

album is also available digitally




music video
16mm soundstock kodak

Collaboration between
Cosma Grosser, Alexander Martinz, Marie Reichel