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As a multidisciplinary artist, my practice is defined in the reciprocal relationship between sculpture, drawing, text and video. I unite these mediums by corresponding with material to elaborate and reformulate its meanings. I am concerned with the notion of heritage, the surface as archive, how it can be transformed and hence act as translator. For me, material is a process rather than a finished product, and therefore in a constant state of flux. With ︎︎︎Luvendr, my collaborative project together with the media artist Alexander Martinz, I extend my work into music and performance.

After training as a graphic designer, I studied fine arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna with Brigitte Kowanz and at Newcastle University with Katie Cuddon. In addition to my artistic practice, I currently work at the Institute of Art and Design at the Vienna University of Technology, where I both teach and pursue my artistic research.

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based in Vienna (Austria)

Exhibitons (selection)


Tea Break, Bildraum 07, Vienna (group)
Sometimes we get lost, SILO, Lower Austria (group)
Kreineckers and Friends, Stiege 13, Vienna (group)
Schulterblick mit Nackenhörnchen–N°1 Wien BMW, GOMO, Vienna (group)
Uncanny Valley, Studio PRÁM, Prague (group) 
Outline of  an Island, MAUVE, Vienna (group)

Handover, GUIMARÃES & Laurenz, Vienna (group)
Ten Toes Spooning In A Trailer, Daihatsu-Rooftop-Gallery, Vienna (solo)
Katze im Sack, basis projektraum, Frankfurt, (group)
Parallel Vienna, Semmelweißklinik, Vienna (group)

And the Patterns of Oil, hoast, Vienna (group)
Chambre d’Ami·xes (Room of Friends),
Laurenz, Vienna (group)
In Spirals Down–Let Go Before Reaching the Ground,
Kunstfabrik Groß-Siegharts, Lower Austria (solo)

Sloppy Dummy, Outdoor Art Walk by Laurenz , Vienna (duo)

Parallel Vienna, Lasallestraße 5, Vienna (group)
Passing Through Sweet Dark Places, Wien Museum MUSA, Vienna (duo)

Quite a Stretch – Closer Than They Appear, Justice, Hohenstauffengasse, Vienna (group)
Chicago Volume 2,
Kunstraum am Schauplatz,Praterstraße, Vienna (duo)

Sediments of Union, Forum Alpbach, Alpbach, Tyrol (group)
lightness and matter / matter and lightness,
Kunst Raum Niederösterreich, Vienna  (group)
Über die den Linden,
Heiligenkreuzerhof, Vienna (solo)

THE SINK HAS BEEN FIXED, Studio 125, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (group)
48.191088 / 16.375072 = 4,
Argentinierstraße 40/perlimpinpin, Vienna (group)
Argentinierstraße 40/perlimpinpin, Vienna (group)

Is it going well, wellwellwell, Vienna (group)
the essence 15,
Künstlerhaus, Vienna (group)
Re- ,
Kunst Raum Niederösterreich, Vienna (group)

Cabin #99, Yosemite, Californien, USA (group)
Pretty Raw,
Vordere Zollamtstraße, Vienna (group)
Verwall View,
Hospiz Hotel St.Christoph am Arlberg, Tyrol (group)
All In,
Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna (group)

Public and private collections

Collection of University of Applied Art Vienna
EVN Collection
State Collections of Lower Austria
Collection of the Republic of Austria
Collection of the City of Vienna

Awards, grants (selection)

project grant, Arts and Culture Department Lower Austria
project grant, Federal Ministry Republic Austria Arts and Culture
MUSA Startgalerie
project grant, Arts and Culture Department Vienna
artist in residence Chicago,
AIR-Krems and School of the Art Institute of Chicago 
fellowship abroad, University of Applied Arts Vienna
merit-based fellowship, Arts and Culture Department Lower Austria
fellowship of the European Forum Alpbach
Fred Adlmüller fellowship, University of Applied Arts Vienna
merit-based scholarship, University of Applied Arts Vienna

Education and career

fine arts: transmedia art (degree)
fine arts: photography (2012–2014)
University of Applied Arts Vienna

fine arts, Newcastle University, UK

College for Graphic Design,
Graphische Vienna

Member of the artist-run space
Argentinierstraße 4 (with the art collective perlimpinpin)

since 2019
Part of Luvendr
(music project togehter with Alexander Martinz)

since 2021
University Assistant, Institute of Art and Design,
research unit Three-Dimensional Design,
Vienna University of Technology